Empowering Scholars

Our Vision

We are innovating education for students and families by empowering scholars to achieve social, emotional, and academic excellence.

We believe

Young people can lead and influence change in our society.

We know

Every scholar can learn and grow in challenging academic settings with appropriate support.

We've got

fresh ideas.

It’s more than reading and writing — our social and emotional development curriculum supports the whole child.


Schools are a place for equitable collaboration between educators, scholars, families, and the broader community.


Empathy, interpersonal skills, and social-emotional development are the foundation of a positive culture.


Technology can be an educational equalizer when used for personalized learning, content creation, and community connections.


Every student can learn and grow in rigorous academic settings with the appropriate support.

We’re working to prove the sky is not the limit.

Empower Community School is an open-admission public charter school that prepares all students for college admissions, successful careers and a life of fulfillment.